Executive Council of Leaders

Creating Leaders

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The Executive Council of Leaders was brought into being in 2006 to replace the old ‘Prefect’ system.

The change was driven by the learners and supported by staff. The school wanted to see a change in the role the leaders played in the school and the positive move was made away from policeman type leaders to role models, whose function was to guide and mentor younger learners. The body was composed of +-40 Grade 12’s and 4 Heads of School. 


  • In 2018 the name was changed to Executive Council of Leaders, although their role in mentoring and guiding the learners was emphasised. Currently the ECL is made up of 46 learners, 6 of which are Heads of School.
  • The Head Boy and Head Girl who maintain the day to day functioning of the body and motivate the ECL to achieve their goals.
  • There are 4 Deputy Heads who each run a specific portfolio and are responsible for certain projects.
  • The portfolios are Mentoring, Community Outreach, Spirit & Pride and Discipline.
  • Examples of projects they are responsible for are Grade 8 Orientation, Spirit Day, fundraising for the less privileged and implementing and running a proactive discipline system within the school.

Port Shepstone Lions Leadership Programme

The body is made up of a diverse range of learners with different strengths and weaknesses, but who function as a cohesive leadership unit in the school. Their role is guiding younger learners is an integral part of the success of the school.