Port Shepstone High School


Executive Committee

Without the dedicated commitment of the Executive Committee Port Shepstone High School would not be regarded as one of the best Government Schools in KwaZulu Natal.

Miss Kerry McKillen

Miss Kerry McKillen

Acting Principal

miss k. Mckillen - acting Principal

Miss Kerry McKillen was appointed as the Acting Principal of Port Shepstone High School in February 2023, when she took over the reins from Mrs Kathi Nel upon her retirement.

Miss Kerry McKillen has been an integral part of Port Shepstone High School for many years, matriculating in 1996.  She joined the school as a School Assistant in 2001, where she began the journey to continue the legacy her family has had on Port Shepstone High School.  Both of her parents were beloved educators and had a massive impact on this institution: especially when her father, Mr P. McKillen took on the reigns of principal in 2002.  Miss McKillen began teaching Physical Sciences in 2005 and was appointed by the School Governing Body as a Head of Grade in 2011.

She was appointed as the Deputy Principal of Administration and Academics in January 2022.

Miss McKillen is renowned for her passionate teaching style and caring approach to the learners.  This is especially evident in the influence she has had on the ECL (Executive Council of Leaders) Programme which she has been running since 2008.  She has built up a reputation for her fair and maternal approach to mentoring and management issues.  Miss McKillen is a dedicated member of the school and has contributed greatly to staff development.  She has consistently inspired and guided the staff at Sheppie High with an ever-steady hand, and we look forward to this exciting new era of leadership.



Mr Pete Theunissen

Mr Pete Theunissen

Deputy Principal for Discipline and Pastoral Care

J.P.J. THEUNISSEN – Deputy Principal

Mr Pete Theunissen was appointed as the new Deputy Principal for Pastoral Care and Discipline for Port Shepstone High School in February 2020.

Mr Theunissen has been an integral part of Sheppie High since he joined the school as an educator in 1990, and subsequently became a valued member of the management team in 1998. He has built up a reputation for his fair and fatherly approach to discipline. He has contributed greatly to staff development over the years and can always be counted on for his calm and steady approach.

P. MOODLEY – Acting Deputy Principal

Port Shepstone High School was delighted to welcome Ms. Pravisha Moodley into the position of Acting Deputy Principal. Ms. Moodley was announced as the new Acting Deputy Principal for Academics and Administration on 9th February 2023. Ms. Moodley has been a vital part of this institution for over 20 years, since she joined the Sheppie High family as an Electronics and Physical Sciences educator. In 2007 she was promoted to both Head of Grade 11 and Head of Physical Sciences, and has brought an enormous amount of experience, passion and intellect to our school. We look forward to a bright and inspired future with her in this vital position.


Ms. P. Moodley

Deputy Principal for Academics and Administration

The School Governing Body

The School Governing Body (SGB) is made up of the Principal, 9 parent members, 3 Educator representatives, 1 non-educator representative and 3 learner representatives (usually Grade 11 and 12 learners).

The SGB meet at least once a month, but sub-committee meetings are held in between for Human Resources, Extra-Mural, Finance, Safety and Security, Boarding Establishment, Grounds and Building and Discipline & Grievance.

2023 SGB

Principal (Acting):

  • Miss Kerry McKillen

Parent members:

  • Mr Leon Garbade
  • Mr Morne Heydricksl
  • Mr Roger Jasson
  • Mr Niels Klusener
  • Mr Nkosivelile Mkuzo
  • Mr Keketso Mokoatle
  • Mr Sandile Mpondo
  • Mr Doctor Njoko
  • Mr Geoge Visser

Educator Representatives:

  • Ms Pravisha Moodley
  • Mr Andrew Stewart
  • Mrs Yvonne Theunissen

Staff Representative:

  • Mr Ernest Cele

Learner Representatives:

  • Miss Erin Heydricks
  • Miss Zizipho Tobo