Port Shepstone High School

Boarding Establishment

Port Shepstone Boarding Establishment is situated on the grounds of the school, and consists of a boarding house for girls known as “Four Winds”.  


Children who are admitted to the school as boarders are advised that the school place is tied to boarding residency. 

Any learner not normally resident in the Port Shepstone area who, at a later date, decides to leave the Boarding Establishment must also leave the school and find schooling in her local area. Residency with     relatives, extended family members or in other boarding accommodation near the school will not be acceptable.

The present and future allocation of a place in Port Shepstone High School will depend upon the continued occupation of the place allocated in the boarding establishment. 

 The dining room is situated in a separate building, next to the kitchen facilities.  The swimming pool is situated very close to the boarding houses and boarders make full use of this facility during the summer months.  Boarders have the use of the grounds after school activities are over for the day and at weekends under supervision.



  1. Smoking or the use of tobacco or any illegal substance is prohibited and will result in immediate suspension.
  2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or the possession of such beverages WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION.
  3. Stealing or the possession of other learner’s clothing, equipment or sports gear WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION.
  4. Learners who exhibit severe anti-social tendencies such as uncontrolled bad language, or emotional instability resulting in physical violence towards other boarders, will be sent home pending a Governing Body Disciplinary Tribunal which will deliberate upon the allegations. Learners may also be expelled from the hostel.
  5. Any learner found vandalizing school or Boarding Establishment property will be liable for the repair or replacement costs and will face SUSPENSION FROM THE BOARDING ESTABLISMENT.
  6. Hitch-hiking is forbidden at all times. Boarders will be severely punished if they hitch-hike.
  7. Boarders may not leave the school grounds unless they have the permission of the teacher on duty.
  8. The school cannot condone physical contact between learners. Should misconduct in this area be identified, the learners concerned will be severely dealt with and MAY FACE IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION.
  9. Boarders may not be in possession of weapons or other items which could be harmful to another boarder.

These rules are in place for the safety and security of all our boarders


Mrs Kathi Nel is the Principal of Port Shepstone High School and the Boarding Establishment falls under her supervision.

Mrs S Pousson is the Superintendent of the Boarding Establishment. She may be contacted during school hours, and in emergency cases after hours on her private cell number 0832933065. Please always feel that you can call in and see either the Principal or the Boarding Superintendent, after first phoning to make an appointment.

House Rules


Weekend arrangements must be finalized by 14h00 on the Tuesday prior to the weekend.  Parents must fetch the boarders personally and sign them out in the presence of the teacher on duty.  If this is not possible and parents would like to make alternative arrangements, a signed letter, fax or email will be required giving permission for a specific person to sign the boarder out on a specific date.  This must be accompanied by a certified copy of Parent/Guardian’s ID (within 7 days).  No telephone calls can be accepted.


After school holidays learners must return the day before school starts and  report to the payment office first between 10h00 (10am) and 15h00 (3pm).  Travel arrangements must not interfere with the normal progress of the school.


All boarders are required to have cover. The premium is R 375 per annum. Please refer to the school Personal Accident Insurance circular for full details.


The School and Boarding Establishment must be advised of the Medical Aid scheme and number under which the boarder is covered, and in whose name. i.e. in the case of divorced parents, whether the father or the mother is the member.

If your child has an allergy the Boarding Establishment should be informed and also the treatment explained.  If there is a physical handicap preventing the boarder from doing any physical exercise, the Boarding Establishment should also be advised and a doctor’s certificate would be appreciated.  It is up to the parents to arrange for their child to be able to obtain any medicines prescribed for her.  It is suggested that parents make arrangements with one of the pharmacies in Port Shepstone to provide the necessary medicines.  The school will not accept responsibility for any debts incurred by a boarder.


Boarders are allowed into town on Wednesday afternoon and on Saturday morning only, to do personal shopping.  Parents are urged to open a Bank account for their child so that their money is safe and available to them when they need it. The Boarding Establishment would prefer not to have to handle cash if it can be avoided.  Parents are also urged to impress on their child the need to be careful with money and cash cards, as no responsibility can be attached to the school for money lost in the dormitories or at the school.


Please ensure that all clothing and other possessions are clearly marked with your child’s name.  Boarders also have automatic washing machines available for their use.  The Boarding Establishment will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to clothing. 


In order to minimize the occurrence of theft in the Boarding Establishment all boarders are required to provide a padlock for their personal lockers. A spare key must be handed to the Matron.


Boarders must provide their own bedding  (Pillows, sheets and duvets)