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About us

Port Shepstone High School will strive to continue its tradition as the centre of educational excellence on the South Coast. We provide a full educational service to our children based on the pillars of knowledge and virtue embodied in sound moral and ethical standards. We will achieve this by a commitment to:

Building a caring, involved and creative community of pupils, staff and parents;

Recognising and developing the unique potential of each individual;

Creating and exploring a challenging and dynamic learning environment;

Engendering a balance between the rights and responsibilities of the individual, and the well-being of the School, the community and the natural environment;

Equipping pupils to participate effectively in A common future with all South Africans.

Port Shepstone High School is a coeducational high school in Port Shepstone on the Kwa-Zulu Natal south coast of South Africa.

With approximately 1200 students, grades 8 through 12, Port Shepstone High reflects South Africa's ethnic and cultural diversity. 

The History of Port Shepstone High School

The first school was opened in Port Shepstone in 1883 with 17 scholars. Only one of these pupils could read after 18 months’ schooling.

The Natal Government finally built a school of the site of the present Junior Primary School in 1901 and this served the community. It was from these humble beginnings which, not only the High, but also the Junior and Senior Primary Schools grew.

For many years the school only went as far as Standard VIII. In 1943 scholars could enrol for Standard IX and in 1944 the first matriculants wrote the Standard X examination. All classes from Class 1 to Standard X were housed either on the site of the present Junior Primary or in the Masonic and Scout Halls. The school grounds contained a corrugated iron Woodwork shop, tennis court, netball field and an avenue of trees which had been planted in 1919 by the pupils of that time to celebrate the ending of World War I.

As the years went by Port Shepstone School grew and grew until it was bursting at the seams. There was great excitement when the plans of the new High School were revealed. Trees were planted on the site while Mr C J Armitage was still head.

During 1952 with the High School having been built, Standard VI to Standard X classes, totalling 181 pupils moved, with much rejoicing, to the new school. Mr A S Webster, was Headmaster of what was virtually two schools quite some distance apart as well as hostels at either end of town (up on the Berea) and in that time he lost 28lbs in weight!

The new school did not want to cut off links with their beginnings, so the original badge was kept, changing the colours to Maroon and Blue. The same houses as the Primary School were kept for the same reason.official opening

The present High School was officially opened on 13th February 1953. There were 14 staff members and the pupil enrolment was 208.

The School grounds were devoid of any trees or grass – it was a real dust bowl. There were no playing fields at this stage and all games were played on what was then known as the Bedford field, presently the Railway Bus Depot.

By 1964 the school enrolment was 445 and staff had increased to 29 including the Principal. Mr A S Webster retired at the end of 1968 and Mr Nixon was appointed as Headmaster.

The swimming bath was opened by the Administrator of Natal, The Honourable W W B Havemann on 4th August 1972. Enrolment had now risen to 745 and staff numbered 44.

At the end of May 1974 Mr Nixon was transferred to Dundee on promotion and Mr N F Rowe was appointed as Principal at the beginning of 1975.

1976 saw the completion of the new block which catered for 870 pupils and staff of over 50.

The Indoor Sports Centre was completed in 1989 and officially opened by the Principal Mr N F Rowe after whom the Centre has been named.

At the end of 1991 Mr Rowe, after serving as Principal for 17 years, retired and Mr P G van der Watt was appointed Headmaster at the beginning of 1992. Mr van der Watt transferred to Head Office in 1996 where he is currently serving as a Superintendent of Education. Mr Black took over as Acting Principal in July 1996, and was confirmed in the post in August 1998. Mr Mc Killen took over as Acting Principal in November 2002, and was confirmed in the post in March 2005.The past few years have been characterised by an increased parental involvement in the running of the school. The S.A. Schools Act of 1996 ensured that the governance of the school became a joint responsibility of parents, educators and learners.

The results of their efforts can be seen in the state of the grounds and buildings, and, most notably, in the striking new entrance area. But it must not be forgotten that the most impressive contribution of the Governing Body is in the provision of teaching staff, which enables the school to keep class sizes to around 35. The present enrolment is around 1250 with a staff of 60 teachers, 22 whom are employed by the Governing Body and the balances are state-paid.

Port Shepstone High School, as a joint venture, faces the future with confidence and a determination to produce learners who have received a genuine "Education For Life."



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